Our Story

Before the pandemic, we used to exclusively produce swimwear and we own Rio de Sol brand. Having faced the unprecedented global situation provoked by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and seeing the upcoming crisis we decided to change our production from 100% bikini to 100% face masks.

We noticed the first signs of changes in the market when we couldn't import bikini hangers from China anymore. The following events such as: closing schools, restaurants and other public spaces as well as imposed social distancing only confirmed our suspicions. We saw the global struggle in the fight against COVID-19 and the tremendous shortage of face masks and other protective equipment for the medical sector and the general population. We had to act fast and make good decisions in order to help the hospitals and clinics, support the global movement to stop spreading the virus as well as to keep our employees and business.

In collaboration with a few other Brazilian swimwear producers, we decided to start manufacturing face masks. After finding the right suppliers and training our team we started the production of the disposable masks, made of TNT. Another step was to start producing cloth masks for the general population. Now our factories produce hundreds of thousands of disposable masks for hospitals and clinics. What is more, every day we manufacture about 20 000 of cloth masks for the public. This move allowed us to answer the market demand and to facilitate access to face masks for everybody. It is also worth mentioning that not only our employees were able to keep their jobs during the crises, but we also created new ones. We collaborate with many small producers from the local community.

To support the global aim, which is to stop the pandemic, we donate 15% of the price of each mask purchased to the fund launched by the WHO:
COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.

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