Wash and Care

IMPORTANT: Disposable masks should be always disposed of when used. Don't try to clean or disinfect disposable masks.

Washable and reusable masks - use and care instructions:

  • Individual use only, do not share the mask with anybody;
  • The mask should be used for about 2 hours. After 2 hours you need to change the mask and wear a new one.
  • If the mask becomes wet for whatever reason (sweating, cough, etc.), change the mask.
  • Use the mask every time you leave home. Always when you leave home, take a few spare masks with you and bring a plastic bag to put the used mask in after you have changed it;
  • Hand washing: wash your used masks with soap and water. Let them soak for ten minutes and dry flat.
  • Machine washing: you can wash your mask at 60°C.

Once your mask is completely dry you can use it again!